About Me

I'm the real deal, a perfect mistress and ultimate GODDESS.

I always strive to be your competent and reliable provider on every coast and every city, state, I visit.

My zodiac is March Aries WITH a cusp in Pisces... 

I'm a slender muscular gal......My hot flat 6-pack stomach is your complete turn on.

I have beautiful thighs, long legs, and the perfect smile.

I travel the East Coast and the West Coast on a regular basis.... and even outside the United States.

I'm freaky and I love what I do as a provider....

I always satisfy my clients and I'm not overly picky, prude, and overpriced.

My personality is gentle, humorous, and not too extravagent.

I respect my clients completely.....

age, race, and even performance are never factors for me...

The only factors are your satisfaction and entertainment.


You never have to be embarassed or ashamed around me....I treat others with love, respect, and understanding........... respè konpreyansyon renmen. Gen se toujou renmen nan bra mwen


My Lumbee and Creole heritage have endowed with a beauty that is extremely rare in the world....

I am the true definition of exotic and foreign....When you look in my eyes you will see another new world

I have a nickname my Lumbee mother gave me when I came of age to take the name and it is HONANI or in English Translation Badger......

In our culture the Badger is a symbol of Darkness and Positive Forces





Strong will









 Keme is also my name, given by a close friend, and it means secret. Matunaaga translates into English as "fights".....My grandmother would call me that as a young girl when I wanted to argue with her.


My French-Creole past comes from slavery....my family heritage is known as KESTEJOO....which translates to English as "Slave". Though I'm Lumbee my slave roots start in Louisiana and end in North and South Carolina. I'm proud of who I am....because no one can it from me and I'm rightfully of strong regal pedigree. I will always be physically strong, alluring, and will age very slow and beautifully.

My Love Comes From the Sky........... Mon amour vient du ciel


Nina Lopez

Phone: 864 20776173

Email: ninaloves9@nina-s-exclusive-fanny.com

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