Some areas of this website are passcode protected. To get access to passcodes, you will need to request a passcode when you meet for a session.


For those who know me and have been on my website you will notice that I've made major changes to my website. My Portfolio pages are permanently password protected and are not available for public viewing any longer.


The reason why I'm doing this is because of problems with clients and their treatment towards me. I've always treated you all fairly kindly and with loyal respect but I have not received that fully in return. I put my best efforts into making you comfortable and satisfied but I have not received that in return. I get the best hotels and locations for your and my safety, I schedule clients even when I'm tired, stressed, and need time alone. I've had your wives call me at times and try to blame me for your actions and MADE THREATS AGAINST ME. My life and well being have been threatened callously by clients,  law enforcement, and criminals.  I will not no longer put up with the things that some of you have made me go through. I regret meeting some of you and wish that I never had.


Some of you have made unreasonable demands of me (Ex: asking me not to use condoms and then getting furious and upset when I refuse to risk my health and safety for your selfish gain and demented pleasure) and made me feel less than human with your words. I never give in to such disgusting demands from men who do not care about their own health and safety.


Physically, many of you have been very rough with me to the point of physical injury and severe pain.


Mentally, some of you have been Hell itself. Cruel, unusual unspeakable things many of you have tried to put me through because you're sick and demented and your spirit and soul is unclean. Others of you have severe mental health issues and should seek help immediately from a mental health professional.



If you have met with me before and find that I do not answer your calls ever or attempt to return contact its because I do not want to see you because maybe you have done something cruel against me.


For those who wish ill and have been so evil, and caused me harm that Xasturra Xula wipes you clean from the face of this beautiful Earth and that she and The Outside consume you. That Daath and Mayeta not remember you.


I wanted to expose the evil lot of you who operate in such extreme darkness, hiding behind closed doors and using your money, lies, and hypocrisy to cover the trail of unholy pain and evil you leave behind in your wake. You think you are intelligent and above others but I know your secrets because in secret is where you have met with me. My Lumbee name is Keme Honani Matunaaga. The word Keme means SECRET. So when unholy creatures think they are clothed in their rags of deceit, remember that those clothes do not hide you from my discernment. I know you before you even come into my prescence. Your road of suffering and death will tell the tale for you.


For those of you who  have been honorable and good, you know who you are and you will always have contact with me.

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