Etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society and social class, 



1.) Have a SPECIFIED TIME FRAME that you would like to see me--please plan ahead for an appointment because I'm usually very booked and scheduling clients.


2.) DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE SIMPLY "PRICE CHECKING". You're wasting my time point-blank. It's very exhausting and interruptive when you call simply to price check. If you have to price check THEN DO NOT CALL ME BECAUSE YOU ARE MOST LIKELY BROKE and I never LOW BALL.


3.) NEVER ASK ME TO SEND PICTURES. MY WEBSITE HAS MY PORTFOLIO AVAILABLE. If I want to send you pictures I will do so at my convenience.


4.)STOP ASKING IF MY PICTURES ARE REAL. Make an appointment to see how real and skilled I really am. I'm an elite verified provider and I stand out among any girl advertising online. My website has been online 1.5 yr... you can simply google me and find that I'm everything I and my reviews proclaim. YOU DON'T EVER HAVE TO WORRY IF I'M PERFECT. I AM.


5.) I DO NOT DO ANY KIND OF DRUGS. I'm 420 friendy but I'm not chronic. Please do not try to substitute 420 FOR ANY KIND OF SERVICES. DOD (donation-on-demand) policy is always in full effect with me.



6.) I'm EXTREMELY ANY PIMP who thinks he can contact and solicit me PLEASE KNOW THIS: I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANY OF YOUR SO-CALLED "PIMPIN" or offers. Put it on hold and do the following: NEVER TEXT, SEND PICTURES, OR CALL ME IF YOU ARE A PIMP OR A MACK OR GENTLEMAN OF LEISURE. SAVE YOUR BREATH AND THE LAME GAMES FOR OTHER GIRLS. (This warning applies to girls who work for sicko-pimps and try to call and solicit me on behalf of their pimp. Don't even try it).


7.) TO ANY SERIAL KILLER, RAPIST, OR ROBBER PLEASE KNOW THIS: I'm an ex-military veteran. If you make any attempt to rob or rape me I will do my best to FUCK YOU UP.


8.) TO CLIENTS AND MY REGULARS: I'm always respectful, fun, and more than willing to make our time together exciting and passionate for the both of us. I will always place the highest priority on those who have seen me numerous times and enjoy my services. 


9.) TO PORN MOVIE MAKERS AND DIRECTORS: If you're not Steven Spielburg never call or solicit me. I can make my own movies, matter of fact I'm producing a few films for this summer that will be readily available for purchase. 


10.) Please ALWAYS BE SHOWERED CLEAN FRESH when you come to see me. If you do not have time to freshen up you are more than welcome to use my shower and fresh towels. 

Can't Locate Me? Here's How to Find My Fanny


OR....on my site in the Locations section, you will find my most current position.



No hassle....simply email me about yourself, a brief description of your fantasy, and expectations, etc.


I will be sure to respond very promptly.....


UNLESS you do any of the following:




(I'm not into the Congressman Weiner introductions... let's not

get too ahead of ourselves)






Examples: "How much for my time", "Pic requests","What are my fantasies", "My residential address", etc.


I don't mind answering questions about concerns you may have about sessions I provide but please understand the line between seeking professional services and outright intrusion into the realms of personal boundaries.


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